* Detroit Grand Pubahs reached the Billboard chart for the chart hit “Sandwiches”

* They were featured in Rolling Stone magazine as ‘a group to watch….. this dynamic duo never ceases to amaze with creative use of found sound, foreboding vocals, and bizarre costumes’.

* Their debut album “Funk All Y’all” was released by Jive / Zomba.

* The Pubahs were nominated for ‘Outstanding Funk Artist / Group @ the Detroit Music Awards in 2002

* Their 2nd album “Galactic As Creatures From Uranus” was released on Steve Bug’s label PokerFlat

* “Rollin Papers & Bush” on this new album features a rap by Baby Face Fensta has recorded with the likes of the Wu Tang Clan

* The Pubahs own label, is called Detelefunk, which is an abbreviation for Detroit Electronic Funk.
The label has released music not only from themselves but also artists such as Steve Bug, The Advent, Ectomorph, Gregor Tresher & Billy Nasty, Samuel L Session, DJ Pierre,  Space DJz, DJ 3000, Alexander Robotnick, Aux 88, Robert Hood, DJ Godfather, MOTOR, Ortin Cam....



Originally founded by Mack Goudy Jr. (Paris The Black Fu) and Andy Toth (Dr. Toefinger) in Detroit back in 1998, but since 2001 the Detroit Grand Pubahs have consisted of Paris and Mr O (Oliver Way) where their tweaked characters seemed to compliment each other perfectly and instantly bonded them together.

The original Pubahs started out on Brian Gillespie’s tiny indie ‘Throw’ label, releasing the underground club hit ‘Sandwiches’. When a Jive Electro A&R
man, dutifully out buying records at a local strip club, heard it he immediately knew he had something special and prepared to unleash it on the
world. Since then, they‘ve scored a pop hit in a number of countries and an underground classic worldwide. They’ve also taken their live show to
another level, with Paris donning multiple costumes and personalities and encouraging the crowd to participate in the funk.

Their debut LP, “Funk All Y’all,” a mixture of funk, techno and a healthy dose of the bizarre was a call to arms for techno get down like a sex machine
whilst the second long player, ‘Galactic Ass Creatures From Uranus’ on Steve Bug’s Poker Flat imprint, spawned two club hits with ‘The Clapper’
and ‘Big Onion’ and torched the way for electro-house.


The Pubahs run their own label, DetEleFunk (or to give it its full title ‘Detroit Electronic Funk’) and Paris has carried out guest vocals
for Steve Bug, The Advent, Marc Romboy, Samuel L Session, Deetron, to name a few.

The end of 2008 saw the release of their 3rd album titled ‘Nuttin’ Butt Funk’. Whilst this album featured the Funk hit ‘Rolling Papers & Bush’ (a song
about George Bush’s war on drugs), the album was to remind people of their techno influences, something the previous 2 albums hadn’t touched on so much.


2009 saw Paris & Mr O develop their DJ side of the Pubahs carrying out mixes for Matrix Music (“Detroit Conection Pt. 4”) and the Red Bull Music
Academy. They spent the year showcasing a new ‘semi live’ show incorporating live elements into a Dj set.

Their last album ‘Madd Circus’ was released on 27 September 2010.


But now the time has come, gone are the masks, multiple personas and gimmicks. The Pubahs return to a more earnest mode as Mack Goudy Jr and Oliver Way step away from their funk caricature’s of Paris the Black Fu and Mr. O and embrace the dark and atmospheric techno that will give Engineroom its unique stamp. Whilst their other label Det.ele.funk will continue to keep the funk, Engineroom will showcase the no frills electronic dance music that has always been prevalent in their DJ sets.


“In my opinion you can only tell a joke for so long,” declares Paris. “Besides that it seems that people in this genre of music don't really have a sense of humour (the producers anyway). They tend to take things way too seriously and then ask ‘does humour belong in music?’ which is laughable in itself.  I got into music by chance and that happened because of my humour. People would laugh and tell me how crazy the track was and they'd always smile while doing so. Mad Mike told me ‘we have to laugh sometimes’. I took that to heart and kept trying. Now as of late I feel it's time for us to show our serious side.”


Engineroom launched in September 2011 with three sets of stunning remixes of the classic Detroit Grand Pubahs track ‘Sandwiches’ from Dave Clarke & Mr Jones aka _Unsubscribe_, Marc Rombuy, Ben Sims, Killa Productions, Orlando Voorn, Detroit Grand Pubahs v Dan D'Ascenzo + the Juno competition remix winner Lucid Excuses.